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Say Ja To Hygge!

At first, I thought I had better purchase a few of the better known hygge books that I saw tagged in so many Instagram posts. I’m writing a blog about hygge so I should really know what has been said and spread by popular authors. That way, if I disagree or say something different in my opinion, I can state in my blog that contrary to my own beliefs, this popular author states otherwise. This was how, whilst combing eBay, I accidentally bought the best hygge book ever. ‘Say Ja To Hygge’ by Dr Magnus Olsensen.
I remember briefly hearing about this book at some point last year or maybe even early this year. It was an anecdote in conversation and I barely remembered it. I didn’t recognise the name or cover when I bought it in a hygge book shopping spree that I really should not have been having. I began reading the book earlier today and can I just say…hysterical.

I had no idea when I purchased the book that it was a parody. The first few pages I’m thinking ‘oh, that’s a bit much’ and …

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